Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newbridge Summerjam 2015

Call it fan art but inspired by a call on The Best Show with Tom Scharpling I put together a fake festival poster. On friendface a lot of people suggested additions and corrections, plus I kept getting ideas, so every now and then over the next few days I added to it. I tried to keep it looking like a county fair with notions of the bigger festivals. That explains the crappy clip art on the guy playing a guitar. Anyway, for fans of The Best Show there should be enough here to give you a few laughs.

Update: Shortly after this was done I went to see The Mountain Goats in Dublin. I got this printed out A3 with the intention of asking Jon Wurster to sign it for me. I spoke to him after the gig and pulled out the poster. Jon immediately thanked me for the poster, clearly thinking I brought him a gift. Chuffed, I said nothing and let him have the poster. Still no idea why I didn't see that coming.