Friday, October 31, 2014

Culture Vultures

Culture Vultures is a monthly event that takes place in Odessa Club. This was the 5th or 6th one and it got a new design. I was on holiday over the summer and the house I was staying in had a load of old books with cool covers and this is inspired by some of those. 

80s Night

Halloween 80s night in Odessa. Named after actor Anthony Michael Hall this is the Anthony Michael Ball and it is being run by two dudes from Le Galaxie. In truth, this is not the version that hit the streets. That version is more colourful and more 80s but it was done in a rush and once it had gone to print I kept at it for a few minutes and coma up with a version that I like. It's a simple halftone of a photo of Anthony Michael Hall in a pose that reminded me of the classic Slacker poster.

Still Metal

A few weeks ago I put out a collection of my latest music. The last song written for this is called Still Metal, I decided to name the album that too.  I pondered for ages over what name to put this out under, my last album went by the name Like There's No Tomorrow. Once I simplified it and went with my own name I knew I wanted to do a Morrissey and put myself on the cover but I have no interest in taking a special photo for that purpose. I decided I wanted something that already existed. So I went through a photo album and took a load of photos on my phone of photographs of myself that I didn't hate. This polaroid was taken in London in May 1994. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forbidden Fruit 2014

Forbidden Fruit festival 2014. Many different versions and many different sizes involved in this job. This is a weekend poster from around the middle of the campaign. 

Navan Educate Together National School

New logo for Navan Educate Together National School. I'm not taking much credit for this, it was a whole school effort. The children submitted over 100 designs. I then identified the most popular themes and colours and came up with about 12 different options. These were narrowed down until finally we arrived at the one you see above. 
The school is moving to a brand new building and only then will the transition to this logo be complete.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Badgers. I'm making badges. We called our shop Badgers.

Cider Label

Here's a label I did for a cider. This was to be done in around 1 hour, real emergency. They knew exactly what they wanted and this is it, or maybe they didn't because this didn't end up being used.

New Years Eve

First draft of a New Year's Eve party poster from last year. I dunno, I liked it. It got scrapped though.

Kaleidoscope 5th Birthday image

Background image for the Kaleidoscope 5th Birthday Show that is happening next month in the Sugar Club.


Poster for a 3 band gig in The Button Factory.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present are continuing their album tours this year with Watusi, an underrated one of theirs. I love it though and it holds some very special memories for me. I wanted to do a poster based on the album cover but not just OF the album cover. So I sourced a photo of the same Bush radio that appears on Watusi and I replicated some of the totally 90s effects. Hopefully when Gedge arrives in Dublin in November he'll get it and realize that I did this out of respect and that only a fan could have done this one.


Poster I did for of the quickly arranged events that took place last weekend. The promoters knew what they wanted more or less, so I quickly put this together and they were into it.