Thursday, January 25, 2018

Marissa Nadler

From last May, Marissa Nadler in Dublin. Later in 2017 she opened for Ghost in the US.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Another "fail". One of the three posters I put together for the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds '18 gig when asked. None of which were used.


Damn Fine Print
recently did a call for submissions for a Risograph Exhibition. The theme being Culture. Needless to say mine didn't make it.

Thumped 2017

Thumped Christmas Party 2017. What more can I say? Krampus in a plane, hand done lettering, futura bold. Done. Stoat release their long awaited second album in a couple of weeks in the new Underground Venue in Dublin.

Movie Magic

Movie Magic for Kids, a new camp for 6 - 12 year olds. The people running this knew exactly what they wanted, and this is exactly what they wanted!

The Lost Brothers

Tour poster for The Lost Brothers which is kicking off next week. New album due out tomorrow too.

The Fall

Rest In Peace Mark E Smith

The Middle Ages single 2

Another single cover for The Middle Ages. This one was released last November and there's another one due soon.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Le Galaxie

Last April Le Galaxie wanted a poster for their London gig.  They dug this and went with it.

Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti Tour

Tour work for Sirus Hood and Sacha Robotti from earlier this year. Above in the instagram post for the tour but we also did posters, flyers and various other social media stuff. It also took a little while to arrive at the final grey layout.


This was for a new themed nightclub in Oldcastle. Every month they would run a night in an old cinema with music from and inspired by a classic film. Their opening night was Trainspotting.

New Years Eve 2016, Chelsea Drugstore

Well I thought it was funny anyway. The title given to me was a play on shenanigans so what else but get up to some with classic old portrait paintings.