Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present are continuing their album tours this year with Watusi, an underrated one of theirs. I love it though and it holds some very special memories for me. I wanted to do a poster based on the album cover but not just OF the album cover. So I sourced a photo of the same Bush radio that appears on Watusi and I replicated some of the totally 90s effects. Hopefully when Gedge arrives in Dublin in November he'll get it and realize that I did this out of respect and that only a fan could have done this one.


  1. Love the poster!
    How could i get hold of one?
    I'm coming to the gig.

  2. Hi, I would suggest just tearing one off the wall at the gig!

  3. Did not manage to get one.
    Any chance you could send me one?

  4. Hi, I don't have any hard copies. Send me an email and I'll happily send you a high res file that you can get printed yourself. Should only cost a euro or something.

  5. Thanks, thats great!
    Email is

  6. Did you send the file?