Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Stuff

It seems to be crazier than ever this year with the "best of" lists. I bought more albums this year than the last few but not much of it seemed to come from 2010, just over 20. I also spend a lot of time writing music and preferring to listen to podcasts while working so I didn't have much appetite for new music. So here's a sample of what got me through the year.

Best Show Gems (podcast): 30 minutes - 1 hour every fortnight of classic Scharpling & Wurster from the Best Show On WFMU.
The Best Show On WFMU (podcast): 2.5 - 6hrs! weekly, the big daddy of Best Show Gems.
The Sound Of Young America (podcast): Really good interviews with anyone and everyone. Even if you've never heard of the guest it's interesting.
Talking Metal (podcast): weekly. Brilliant metal show, they'll talk about Poison with the same enthusiasm as Candlemass. These guys love all types of metal and is a joy to listen to.
This American Life (podcast): Weekly. Always excellent radio documentaries.
Savage Love Podcast (podcast): Weekly. "There's nothing you can't ask.." Dan Savage gives advice.
Devo - Something For Everybody (album): Starts great and stays great til the end.
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks (album): What's not to love about this. Some really fantastic songs on this. Haven't seen it in any lists so far. That's a crime against rock.
Weezer - Hurley (album): One of my favourite bands. I love what they do and how they do it. 4 albums in 3 years!

If you like these type of lists have a look at this one.