Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Favourite Albums 2000 - 2009

Well I did say this was coming a few days back, my albums of the 2000s. I thought a good way to approach this was to think of albums that I've enjoyed enough to recommend to someone. Usually failing. Ha!

The albums pictured above are: (in no order)
The Streets : A Grand Don't Come For Free
Adebisi Shank : This Is An Album By Adebisi Shank
Ani Difranco : Revelling Reckoning
The Donnas : Spend The Night
Marillion : Marbles
Mumblin' Deaf Ro : The Herring And The Brine
Phoenix : It's Never Been Like That
Slipknot : Vol 3 The Subliminal Verses
Sloan : Never Hear The End of It
System Of A Down : Toxicity
Ween : White Pepper
Weezer : Red
Adam & Joe : Song Wars Vol 1
Large Mound : My Whole Life Is Have To

I started writing a bit about each album but, ah, who cares. Check out Large Mound on the list. Yea.. my band, how could it not be there?

(edit) The ohmygodhowcouldiforgetthis album!!
The Notwist : Neon Golden