Thursday, November 26, 2009

4 for 2009

I got my blog orders to make some sort of "Fav Albums of 2009" post. So here goes.
I love this band and what they do. I'm a sucker for weedy vocals and big melodies. I still prefer their previous album but this'll do like.
Really enjoyable album. This was produced by Jason Falkner and can sometimes sound like a Daniel covers album, but with Daniel singing. Still though, 'High Horse' and 'I Had Lost My Mind' are just amazing.
Damn the begrudgers, this is another fine weezer album. Everyone's talking about a change of direction but that's rubbish it's just change of producer. I would have preferred if the production was turned down a few notches but what can you do? Oh and all 5 songs on the bonus version are great.
This just may be the best of the lot yet I haven't seen it on any other "best of" lists so far. There are songs on this album that are so good it hurts. Seriously, I almost keeled over when I heard 'Roy G Biv' for the first time.
There are a load of albums I didn't get around to this year (for example I've only heard the Baroness album once so far and thought it was absolutely amazing.) But then again this was my first full year of listening to The Best Show on WFMU so there wasn't much time for anything else!

Attack of the lists. Going to do a Decade post at some stage. More frivolous rock music.