Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yo La Tengo

Here's another poster that's actually live at the moment. Yo La Tengo are coming to Dublin next month. I'm not posting this because of some outstanding contribution to graphic design, it's a pretty standard 'album tour' based poster. It's here because I'm looking forward to the gig, especially after this from Tom Scharpling on The Best Show a few weeks ago; "On Friday night I got to the Roseland Ballroom to see Yo La Tengo. It's awesome! They're doing it. As good as I've EVER seen them. they've got the new album, they're all fired up, they're rocking out, they're doing this they're doing that, they're covering all the bases. Three people up there doing everything. It's shocking when you see them in their element like that. They bounce from this instrument to that instrument. James McNew, he's the most talented dude going. Watch this guy, oh, play bass, oh play keyboards, oh play 12 string guitar, oh play drums, do whatever you want, this guy does it. They were on fire."