Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Beyond The Pale '23


Here's a full page ad I put together for 2023's Beyond The Pale festival. This is a full line-up version including the day by day breakdown, the arts line up and the food attractions. It is designed to be poured over in print. This is an incredibly special festival with a relatively small capacity. Not one of these enormous mega festivals that are tough to endure.

Monday, May 22, 2023

The Middle Ages

Here's the cover I did for the band I play with. This is our new single. If I spent 10 minutes on this I'd be surprised. It is an inverted photo of a blank page of this pad I have with a dotted grid on each page. That's it. The last few singles we did use helvetica bold crossed out. Done. 


In Conversation with Louise McSharry


Here's something I did that was quite specific. It met the brief and sold out two night of chat. This is the first "live podcast" job I've done. She does a popular podcast called Catch Up. 



Album launch poster for Perlee from April of this year. All the lettering on this wasp together from a scanned lyric sheet that was used inside the album cover. That is to say, it's not a dumb font! It is scanned text that was originally typed using the actual typewriter featured on the album cover. Team effort. Check out the album too, it's absolutely great. AppleMusic link. I put that cover together too.