Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Conway Savage R.I.P.

Sad to hear about the death of former Bad Seeds member Conway Savage. 

Neon Lights 2018

The basic poster for this year's Neon Lights Festival in Singapore. As ever Steve did the logo and the key elements and with the promoter's input I turned it into a workable piece. Lot of fun working on this. It is more flexible than the 2016 art, not quite a complicated as it looks. 
We spent a week or two getting the whole text presentation right. Something that ended with a funny email exchange with Declan, the promoter. I thought I'd nailed this with some fonts suggested my Steve but something wasn't right. Finally Dec sends over a screenshot with some fonts he fancied for the job. Helvetica Bold. Love it.

Le Cheile (final)

Second post about the Le Chéile festival. This time I'm posting the final music line up art.

Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival

Programme for the Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival. This is a 4 page two sided DL. Unusual job in that there was nobody telling me what to do. I set my own rules for this. Use the existing festival brand, make it lively, clear, readable, and have some fun with it. I wanted it to be something people could pour over. There's lots of funny illustrations and jokes in there.