Thursday, September 1, 2022

The Middle Ages Single Cover


I can turn around work quickly and easily for other people. But when it's for yourself... This is a cover for a forthcoming single release from the band I play in called The Middle Ages. This cover looks simple but there was so so many drafts before I settled on the above. The black paint is significant. This song will be out on all the platforms in a bit.

The Lost Brothers Tour Poster


The Lost Brothers, a band that stubbornly refuses to use photos of themselves on their posters. Instead of the instantly recognisable image of the two lads, they opt for scenes like the tour poster pictured here.  Which is fine. I guess, there's nothing wrong with this.
I've done plenty of these and have managed to slip in a photo once or twice, but they have been either blurred or a photo of their backs!

Pilgrim St.

Pilgrim St. album. This is a 6 panel digipak that I put together for this exceptionally talented trad band. A very well organised bunch of people who supplied all the elements of this design. All I had to do was put it all together. I do that quite a bit, in fact I'm doing another one right now which I'll post eventually for a talented musician called Joy Booth

Dunfest 2022

It's not all rock'n'roll. Here's the program I just put together for the Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival for 2022. A variation on the last two I did. 

Neon Lights 2019


Here's another festival I did a lot of work for.  I think this was the fifth version of the Neon Lights weekend in Singapore. I may be wrong here but I seem to remember Halsey bailing at the last minute to do some awards show in America. Bad form.

Noga Erez

I'm always doing work for people I've never heard of, only to see them all over the music sites a couple of months later. This is one of those. I'd been working on this gig since June 2021. I could have looked her up at any time since then. Did I. No. 
Anyway Weezer have just released a new version of the song Records with Noga Erez guesting. How much more produced could the song get? We'll the answer is, A WHOLE LOT MORE PRODUCED. It's a fun listen.