Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Oisin Leech (Photography)

A few months ago I did a photo session with Oisin Leech (The Lost Brothers) ahead of a project. Above is probably my fav photo from the session. Already photos from that session showing up online.




Two posters here for Girlpuppy who played in Dublin last night. The black one is the one I did after getting the show details. Then the agents provided the white photo.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Beyond the Pale Merch

Here is one of the t-shirts I designed for the Beyond The Pale festival. I thought they turned out really well. If you were at the festival and forgot to buy merchandise, or even if you weren't and want to wear this cool t-shirt, the promotors have set up a shop to sell the leftovers. In a few different colours, I like the black myself.
Sure while we're at it, tickets are on sale for next years festival. It was excellent, recommended. 


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Beyond The Pale '23


Here's a full page ad I put together for 2023's Beyond The Pale festival. This is a full line-up version including the day by day breakdown, the arts line up and the food attractions. It is designed to be poured over in print. This is an incredibly special festival with a relatively small capacity. Not one of these enormous mega festivals that are tough to endure.

Monday, May 22, 2023

The Middle Ages

Here's the cover I did for the band I play with. This is our new single. If I spent 10 minutes on this I'd be surprised. It is an inverted photo of a blank page of this pad I have with a dotted grid on each page. That's it. The last few singles we did use helvetica bold crossed out. Done. 


In Conversation with Louise McSharry


Here's something I did that was quite specific. It met the brief and sold out two night of chat. This is the first "live podcast" job I've done. She does a popular podcast called Catch Up. 



Album launch poster for Perlee from April of this year. All the lettering on this wasp together from a scanned lyric sheet that was used inside the album cover. That is to say, it's not a dumb font! It is scanned text that was originally typed using the actual typewriter featured on the album cover. Team effort. Check out the album too, it's absolutely great. AppleMusic link. I put that cover together too.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

The Lost Brothers


Here's a photo of The Lost Brothers. It's a no-frills band pic in good light and it has been used in print and online A LOT. We went to a car breaker's yard in Monaghan and took loads of pics in places the lads wanted pics taken. Places with chaotic backgrounds. We thought we had finished when I spotted a good old white wall with nice light. We took a few photos and is one of them. It's not even framed well. Obviously I could fix that "in post" but I didn't bother. This was in the run up to their album "After The Fire After The Rain". 

The Lost Brothers Discog Poster


Discography poster I put together for The Lost Brothers showing their seven albums to date. I always loved this type of poster. I remember the AC/DC one. All bands should have a discography poster. Come to think of it, I don't think this was ever used. Uses a photo I took of the band in Monaghan. Not a great pic but they liked it. 

Signals From Mars Podcast


First time doing a Podcast identity. Victor had the guts of this design in place, mars and the scratchy type, but it needed some help to look the part. I built this again from scratch. It looks good in podcast apps. If you like Metal, check it out. 

Joy Booth - All You Were CD


CD Digipak I put together for Joy Booth. This comes from a painting inspired by the music on the album. I moved a few things to have it work in a CD format and put together the extensive credits in a way that I thought complimented the painting. Also here is the on disc design that streamers never get to see. Buy it from Joy's Bandcamp page.

The Middle Ages Single Cover


The Middle Ages have a new song out this week called One Potato. This is the band I play in and write for. It's a tune and should be streamed like there's no tomorrow. I'm a big fan of album/single covers that a just a photo of the band/artist. We took this photo one night at practice (using the front facing camera on an iPhone no less!), then I did some minimal editing to the pic and it was done.