Friday, October 31, 2014

Culture Vultures

Culture Vultures is a monthly event that takes place in Odessa Club. This was the 5th or 6th one and it got a new design. I was on holiday over the summer and the house I was staying in had a load of old books with cool covers and this is inspired by some of those. 

80s Night

Halloween 80s night in Odessa. Named after actor Anthony Michael Hall this is the Anthony Michael Ball and it is being run by two dudes from Le Galaxie. In truth, this is not the version that hit the streets. That version is more colourful and more 80s but it was done in a rush and once it had gone to print I kept at it for a few minutes and coma up with a version that I like. It's a simple halftone of a photo of Anthony Michael Hall in a pose that reminded me of the classic Slacker poster.

Still Metal

A few weeks ago I put out a collection of my latest music. The last song written for this is called Still Metal, I decided to name the album that too.  I pondered for ages over what name to put this out under, my last album went by the name Like There's No Tomorrow. Once I simplified it and went with my own name I knew I wanted to do a Morrissey and put myself on the cover but I have no interest in taking a special photo for that purpose. I decided I wanted something that already existed. So I went through a photo album and took a load of photos on my phone of photographs of myself that I didn't hate. This polaroid was taken in London in May 1994.