Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Cujo Family

Another one for Sin é in Dublin. Poster for The Cujo Family. It doesn't look like it but there was quite a bit of work involved in this one. I took their album cover The Hate In My Heart and removed all the text from that and recreated the canvas texture for the whole thing. Lastly I wanted to use a font that I'd never usually use but that still fit with The Cujo Family's style. 


Here's a Halloween Party poster in Sin é, Dublin. Here's the story with this one. The whole layout is based on a lovely vintage Brylcream ad. The man is classic dancing Elvis. I put a knife from the film Halloween in his right hand and in case that was too subtle I replaced Elvis' face with a skull and put some blood in the background. The addition of the skull could have done with an extra hour or so and Elvis's positioning is a bit off but you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi playing Dublin in 2013. This was done in a bit of a hurry. When I get some time I'll go back and take out that air conditioning grill on the wall and fix the bottom left. 

Mumford & Sons

Here's a section of a listings ad that appeared in The Ticket (The Irish Times friday music magazine) back in 2008. Yes it's Mumford & Sons who are now massive playing in Doyle's in Dublin. Interesting.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Large Mound

Large Mound poster from 2008. A little more restrained that the one below. This is based on the cover of the album Raised On Rock which is a piece by an artist named Dave Ford, a truck drawing. I read that Dave is doing more Truck Drawings, check this facebook page. This drawing was from 2000 or 2001 so it's nice to read that it is still getting attention. Dave's latest work uses swings and lots of drums, looks cool. Here's his blog.
Anyway, Large Mound decided to play Raised On Rock from start to finish just like some famous band would play an important album. The mere though was hilarious to us. We asked Queen Kong to play, they'd just given us our first gig in Cork.

Large Mound with The Spook again...

Hahahaha. Oh did I laugh when I found this old poster from 2006 for my band Large Mound? It's like a demo of a good poster. General layout and idea is fine but the finish is awful.  I seem to remember wanting to do something about "'til death do us part" but come on, the heart isn't even lined up properly. Must've been a busy day. I do remember it as a great gig though.

Red Queen Contest

Enough with the old stuff. Here's something that hasn't even happened yet. A band from my part of the country, Red Queen Contest, playing in Whelan's next month. Breaking the GGBB rule (good guys bad band).

Johnny Foreigner

Johnny Foreigner  from 2008 playing at the short lived Club NME Dublin. I think this club only lasted about 3 night. As far as I can remember it was monthly. This may have been the first one. I just looked up the band in order to provide the link and I see they are still going, which is nice.

Green Synergy '07

Another back in the day poster, 2007. A round up thing for the Green Synergy festival that went on in venues around Wexford Street and Harcourt Street in Dublin.

Julius Geezer

Idea from way back in 2002 for a Julius Geezer Records t-shirt. Never got made. Uses the JGR logo.

Ron Pope

Poster for an all ages show next year from Ron Pope. No idea.


Poster for the band Turn who more or less split up years ago. I suppose it was never actually official so they're making it so with a bit of a party this christmastime. Ollie plays solo these days. His album, We Albatri, is good stuff. I originally did something a bit more poetic for this but a more old school poster was what was required. I ended up quickly doing a screen grab of this! Whatever works.