Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Queen Contest

Promo CD cover for Red Queen Contest. The illustration is a very old map of the centre of the earth. I just isolated this section from a larger piece added the colour and a few other things. This 3 song promo will be followed by a full album later in the year.

The Fall

Brand new poster for The Fall. They're touring Ireland in July. This must be about the 5th poster I've done for The Fall, there's something about those letters and Mark's presence that makes their posters work.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bavaria City Racing Dublin

Not a music post. Bavaria's City Racing show rolled into Dublin last weekend. The image above is over a year old though. In the early planning stages of the event I was asked to produce images for the team to work with, attract sponsors etc. It was to be based on existing work for Moscow and Rotterdam. I spend a lovely spring morning cycling around Dublin photographing iconic buildings and put together a load of options. The folks at City Racing picked a little from column A and a little from column B (and some from C and D) and we landed on this.  


I admit that when this job landed on my desk I had no idea how to even pronounce Avicii nevermind know what it was or sounded like. Five seconds online sorted that out. Of course I'd heard Avicii.
For this artwork I got a flat version of the London show art and was asked to make it work for Dublin. O2 provided nice high res jpg of Dublin and I fairly painstakingly put it together. Of course the next day I got the layered artwork from London but sure the work was done by then.

Forbidden Fruit 2012

Poster for Forbidden Fruit which was a three day "city centre festival" in Dublin. All the things you'd expect from a weekend music festival; shorts with wellies, fancy food, booze, tents, music, questionable sound but without the camping. You go home. So the design then. I don't claim to have done this from scratch but I was tasked with updating it with very specific aims. See you next year.

Gary Numan

No frills Gary Numan poster for his sold out gig in Dublin last month. This only involved tweaking the tour art from Gary.