Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Neon Neon

Nice poster for upcoming Neon Neon gig. Very simple reformat of their new album cover.

Kaleidoscope's 4th Birthday Party

Hard to believe I've done 51 of these posters. The Kaleidoscope night celebrates its 4th birthday in September with a special gig in The Sugar Club. Clíodhna, Kate and crew seem happy to continue with this theme and why not. The trick is to make it different every month while keeping it the same. You might notice that there is a load of squares on this one. Fourth birthday, four sides..... oh well.


Múm are coming to Dublin and have a new album out. For this poster I just adjusted the album cover, extended the lined section by flipping it and copied the text for the gig details. Ashamed to say I didn't have a decent marker to hand, that's why the letters are jagged, I used a biro.

Brand new poster for Youngblood Brass Band. I originally did one based on the template they sent over but the promoter wanted something more classic and jazzy. I'm glad he asked because this is way better.

Alamaba 3

Recent poster for Alamaba 3. I just had a go at doing something interesting with their skull-head dude. Vic Rattlehead with an afro.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


The things that you find. Poster/invite from last year.