Monday, January 4, 2010

Joan Of Arse / More Decade stuff

Irish band poster from 2001, well not quite. This was a poster from 2001 for Joan Of Arse. I just did a little bit of reworking on it, they would never have allowed their name to be at the top like this. Plus the original was done in the days of bad photocopiers so it was mainly white instead of black. The illustration was an etching by a then very young Nicole Murphy (now studying art in Galway).
I dug this out because I was thinking about Irish albums of the decade. Trying to narrow that one down was turning into a stupid long post with multiple albums by the same bands, like, how do you choose between 3 Corpo or 3 Rednecks albums? So just quit the crap and post ONE.

Joan Of Arse, Distant Hearts A Little Closer (2001).
My Irish album of the decade. A band on top of their game. This is full of ideas and hard work. They bit the bullet and went to Chicago to record it with Albini and did it. They even did two albums worth of recording that weekend, the second still hasn't been released. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else in decade round ups. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Find this and buy it.